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GEMWorX eLearning combines interactive training with work processes because there is a direct link between understanding your business and the effectiveness of training.

Convenient, economical, and continuous access to up-to-date training and work processes
is just one benefit of GEMWorX eLearning.  GEMWorX eLearning eliminates the wasted time spent on locating related training and work process data stored manually or in various technologies.

The GEMWorX eLearning environment for individual learners and instructors is equally impressive. Learners have easy access to all training assets with a simple and consistent set of navigation tools between training and work processes.  Instructors benefit from flexible design and development, performance assessment, and a rich set of reporting capabilities.

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A Unified Tool for Shared Knowledge

GEMWorX eLearning enables your business to use one tool to publish training and
process information to your corporate intranet.  Access is provided to all training
assets, business process diagrams, and underlying reference information associated
to processes.  All training and business process documentation is shared using your
company's web browsers without the need to install or maintain special software on each
user's workstation.

GEMWorX eLearning® Integration of Process and Training - Click to enlarge picture

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Business Advantages

  • Publish process and training information in the same tool
  • Accommodate the full range of adult learning
  • Facilitate learning through a variety of activities
  • Supply a user friendly point and click tool that is designed for end users
  • Enable access to all underlying reference information 
  • Distribute flexible up-to-date training and business data to multiple
    locations easily on existing corporate tools
  • Provide a more robust, durable, reusable, and easy-to-update training
    environment using the Sharable Content Object Reference Model
    (SCORM®), a learning industry standard
  • Improve learning performance evaluations and records
  • Reduce costs through fixed licensing without affecting training quality
    or process performance
  • Increase shared corporate knowledge and performance


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Key Features

GEMWorX eLearning provides a comprehensive approach that addresses the entire spectrum of business learning:

  • Analyze training needs based on role, position, and process information
    available from underlying business data in GEMWorX FlowModeler®
  • Create and manage the design and development of training content or import
    training courses
  • Assemble existing or new text and images into a Shareable Content Object
    learning item
  • Deliver easy to use electronic training in a self-paced, independent mode,
    or develop as the basis for instructor-led training
  • Navigate easily from training to the associated work processes and from
    processes to the related training
  • Evaluate learner performance and course effectiveness
  • Maintain centralized training records and process information in one database
  • Provide reports from a rich set of learning and work process information
    available in a shared, non-proprietary relational database


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